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Name:Garth Kenith Jonh Legree(thats a lot on middle names)

Position in band: Drums, no vocals

Favourtie bands:Pennywise,Toe,Unwritten Law, Slick shoes, Pulley, Deviates, Rancid, Bigwig, Bouncing Souls.

favourtie cd(s): Pulley-togther again for yhe first time,TOE-The moment I cauterize,Pennywise-Land of the free and Full Circle, Bouncing Souls-How i spent my summer vacation, Rancid-And out come the wolves.

favourtie food:Ceral thats all i really eat

Boxers, Briefs, Thong or other sensual undergarments: i like childerens underwear..Tighter is better; )

Last Words: K there kid, calm down cheester, eat it cliff lets fight,buddy its going to be ok, NO FUNERAL.