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name: Steve Kent

position in band: guitar and vocals

favourite bands: MxPx, Big Wig, Slick Shoes, NoFX, Dropkick Murpheys, rancid, Suicide Machines and Metallica
favourite cd(s): Big Wig-Unmerry Melodies, Dropkick Murpheys- The Gangs all Here, MxPx- Life in General, Metallica-...And Justice for all, Big Wig-An Invitation To Tragedy, The Suicide Machines- Battle Hymns, Dogwood- Building A Better Me 

favourite food: Kraft Dinner or pizza

boxers, briefs, thongs or various other sensual undergarments? boxers (usually unless my leopord thong is clean then its smooth sailing til i take it off)

last words: try not to encounter horny elephants (they bite), if you wanna have a chat with me and you have uh msn messenger then add me at ...oh and also come to our show on July 26 its going to be a blast! for more information e-mail us or see